Cu or Au foil based spkr leads

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Hi, can anyone suggest sources for Copper or Silver foil - preferably raw - ie no adhesive/insulating backing (but it can be removed at a push), around 0.003 inches thick by an inch wide? That's more or less like a 14SWG cable in x section.

So far unearthed is stuff from and unwinding the stuff used to make Goertz air cored inductors from both these come in non-raw state.

Just have this feeling there has be another no-braner source out there somewhere...


If you're looking for six 9's or something along those lines, you're going to have a hard time finding it. Note also that metals are going to be available in a wide variety of thicknesses. If you want a cross section equivalent to 14AWG, you're going to end up with entirely different dimensions if you start with .001" foil, vs. .05". With silver, in particular, you may have to be flexible about the thickness, depending on what's available.
Copper is available here and there. Try metal suppliers (hit the Yellow Pages), metal surplus (ditto), craft and hobby shops, roofing suppliers, and local electrical places, particularly the ones that rewind transformers and motors.
Silver (incidentally, the chemical symbol for silver is Ag--Au is gold) will be harder to get. One good source for silver will be jewelry shops; the kind that repair or custom make jewelry.
I'll ponder on this some more. There ought to be more sources for silver, but I'm running dry at the moment.


Have a look at -

I found this in the UK, its good copper foil tape, but is insulated with Melinex (but not stuck to the copper so easy to remove if you need to). They used to have it in 25mm (1") wide as well.

I've been using this for a few years for speaker cables in a Goertz type confi and it works great.


hi pete

the no brainer source for copper IS the goertz inductors. get a 1 Mh for 11bucks and unwind it . very easy the seperator is not bonded to the foil . 1 Mh will make i stereo set of spkr cables about 30feet long. unless u want industrial quantities u arent gonna beat it! and its available! i have been using mine for 5 years now and they are turning green from the tape i insulated them with. time to make another set but this time ill sew them into a flat pure cotton strip folded over.
Source for CU or AU foil

If you call Alphacore on the phone and ask for the bare foil that they use to make the inductors they will be more than happy to sell it to you by the foot.
I purchased the silver foil from them about a year ago and made silver foil speaker cables from them and they are incredible, verry revealing and transparent, the best that I have heard as of yet......

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