CSS FR125 vs. WR125 - any opinions?

I'm either too poor (or frugal :) ) to afford a pair of Jordans JX92s but the recent offerings from CSS offer some hope.

Since I already have a pair of linaeum dipole tweeters running occasional duty in a variety of projects, I'm wondering about the possibility of using a WR125 run full range and gently rolling in the tweeter above 10 - 12 K via a first order filter.

1. Any opinions on that, or would the WR needed to be rolled off via an inductor etc ? I've seen a couple of posts on this group about bad luck running the WR driver in a TM configuration

2. High frequency apart, is there much difference between the sound of the FR and the WR drivers?

3. I love full range drivers, but a slight weakness I notice in many of them is usually the lack of "sparkle" on the top end, .. does the FR driver suffer from this?