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For Sale CSS Criton 1TD drivers w/ premium XO

Things you have for sale.
Creative Sound Solutions 1TD speaker kit with upgraded Crossover components. Thick air core inductors, high quality capacitors including Jantzen Superior Z Caps. All that is needed is cabinets, which can be made by yourself, or flat packs can be bought directly from CSS.

This kit sells currently on CSS for $550 with standard crossover. I would like to get $450 plus shipping, or local pickup 45431. Am also selling on eBay, if you're more comfortable with that, although my cost there is $580 plus shipping. Thank you 🙂

What's included:

2x CSS LDW7 Woofers

2x CSS LD22 Tweeters

All crossover components for one pair

Eggshell foam for internal damping

2x ports

2x binding post pairs
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Bryguy, I am interested in this kit but have only just now joined the forum so cannot start a private convo with you yet. Feel free to reach out and discuss.
Welcome to Diya btw. I encourage you to keep looking. At my price the CSS would have been a good value I reckon, but there are many other great speaker plans out there. Ask around and peruse the forums and you'll find something you'll be happy with. In my opinion a large part of the value in CSS kits is their support, and handholding they offer. If you are willing to learn the basics though, then there are other designs out there with a better bang for the buck probably