CSR8645 Popping Noise

Hello everyone,
I have a csr8645 module attached to an breakoutboard with AMP.


I've put in in my old car radio and it works but when I pair bluetooth you hear popping/crack noise. Also when I start/stop streaming audio you can hear the noise after 3 seconds.
Other users had the same problem in this thread.
According to a user the problem seems to be that the chip disables the ouput stage when it doesnt recieve any audio stream.
I have a csr-spi programmer and I played around with a lot of settings (i.e. disable low power codec) but I could find a solution. Also using the mute pin of the board results in popping noise.
Does anyone know a solution how to keep the codec alive eventhough its muted on the sender? Can I solder some components to the amp circuit which could prevent the popping noise? Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank for your reply. This module has a amp mute pin. But when I use it the pop sound comes up as well. Also disabling low power coded does not change anything. Im wondering if I could add some components to the audio output (Left/Right/Ground) that connect to my car radio amp which would diminish the popping sounds. Unfortunatelly on the software side of the csr8645 I couldnt find any settings which solved the issue. I might order a qualcom qcc3008 module which should offer more options.


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