CS8414 spdif problem

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I built this mini dac http://www.jogis-roehrenbude.de/Leserbriefe/CD-Player-Projekt/CD.htm

But I change the spdif reciver with the CS8414.
I read many times, this is compatible with mini dac.
I've change the filter 470ohm 0.068uF (CS8412=1K 0.047uF).
When I push play no sound....
At this moment I' haven't a scope but I check the tension.

Pin 28 4.6v (I must be zero when lock spdif)
Pin 26 1.3v
Pin 11 4.6v
Pin 7,22,24 5v
Pin 14,8,21,17,18,23 GND
Any idea?


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I solve the problem!
The digital out on the back of cdrom unit, is spdif in ttl format.
I remove R1 (75omh) in input interface, R1 in needed only with coax cable (cdplayer).

But I've an another problem....I bought 3 CS8414 on futurlec.
Only one works, possible other 2 have failure.
In the attach file not work.
Thank you.


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That code is the manufacturer code and should tell you where it was packaged and when. If you go the Crystal website it may tell you how to read those codes.

It really does look like some pins are not soldered properly on both of those adaptors and I would address that issue first.

Actually putting spdif receiver chips on carriers like that may not be a wonderful idea, and I bet there is no supply decoupling on that adaptor either, despite the obviously long trace lengths.
to Kevinkr, Archwer and others

If so, could you please advice about using the CS8414 with an adaptor, for example - instead of Yamaha YM3623b? Please see the attached picture: This one is meant to do exactly this (replacing the YM3623). It is configured to 24 bit Input/Output.

Should this be OK?

Many thanks!


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to analog_sa

It is mentioned on his tread that the CS8414 might be problematic, or better not to use it on an adaptor at all.

Well, it seems that I will have to use it as a replacement for my YM3623B; I don’t find any other alternative.

Mode 5 (16 bit, LSBJ) is surely a possibility. However, I am thinking about using it not as 16 bit, but as a 24 bit receiver, with DF1704 & PCM1704U-K.

I am Sorry if my first question was not clear.

Is there any other replacement for YM3623b available (but no Upsampling!)
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Why not use the 8416 instead for 24 bit operation? I understand this chip has considerably better jitter performance.. (It's what I am going to use in my "eventual" dac using pcm1798.. if I ever get around to it.)

When I made the remarks about your adapter I was concerned that you had no local supply decoupling, which could easily be added right on your board - in an existing dac this is going to be your best option I think despite the possible issues with long trace lengths, etc.. You could also put the pll loop filter components on your adapter as well which might improve performance by reducing the loop areas imposed by the long path lengths in your adapter.

If you are doing a new dac why not do it all in smd and avoid the need for adapters. I do here at home, and it is not too hard.
irgendjemand said:
However, I am thinking about using it not as 16 bit, but as a 24 bit receiver, with DF1704 & PCM1704U-K.

Is there any other replacement for YM3623b available (but no Upsampling!)

I seem even more confused. It will greatly help if you explain what is your purpose. To fix an existing dac which uses a YM3623 or to build a new one?

Upgrading an AudioNote?

I am upgrading the German DAC/Pre "AVM DAC 1.2". It is based on the YM3623b, the DF 1700 and the PCM63P-J (which I changed once to "K"). Generally speaking, it is a 15 years old but very good device, which I am now completely "renovating" and modifying.

After improving almost all possible parts in the Power section and the Preamp section (OPAs are the BB OPA627 BP) I went to the DAC part.

My first big surprise is the great sound improvements already been achieved through the implementing of the DF1704. The next step (just now) is - the taking out the YM3623b Input receiver and exchanging it by this CS8414 Adaptor.

To my best understanding - and I might be well wrong here - this will enable me at least 2 “functions” which were not possible until now:

1. To bypass the original Opto Isolators (which are placed between the Digital Filter and the PCMs).

2. To use the PCM1704U-K adaptors and to be able to run the DAC as a full 20 bit or full 24 bit DAC.

At this stage, the DF1704 is getting 16 bit and sending 20 bits to the two PCM63P-K. It can be easily set to 24 bit Input/Output, once the CS8414 and PCM1704 are inside.

I assume that it will sound at its best in this new configuration, and I am curious to compare it to the PCM63P-K and even the PCM63P-Y.

After all this, I could also try an external Upsampler (like Monarchy Audio’s “DIP” or the GW Labs DSP digital-to-digital Upsampler processor). However this is only because I am curious to see, what is all this Upsampling about... But, of course, this is not my goal: I am looking for the true, good and realistic CD sound. That's all.

Well, I am aware to the fact that I am trying to improve a 15 years old DAC with an already 5-6 years old existing technology… I will be happy when at least this will be achieved.

Coming back to the CS8414: Would it not have better Jitter performances?

Alternatively I had the thought to try the Tent “Link”. I wonder if this is still a suitable technology, or may be, it is not anymore “up-to-date”. Will it be needed even by teh CS8414?

I will be thankful to any remark & hint concerning the above mentioned process which I am taking with the DAC.

Best regards, IJ.

I just wrote in details (Post #15 on this thread) to Analog_SA, about my upgrading an AVM DAC 1.2

My main problem here is that I am not a diy person in this sense, so I have to limit myself to adjustment and using of the already existing parts and boards on the market.

I was thinking about using this finished CS8414 Adaptor (the attached picture), as I don’t have an alternative which is “ready to be used”.

By the way, this tread started with the CS8414 Adaptor from Pigoia; I assume that your last comments meant indeed to him. If you see anything misplacing on the attached adaptor, please let me know.

Also very interesting for me is your suggestion to go for the CS8416. But do you know of any CS8416 adaptor which I could place “as it is” in the existing frame of the YM3623?

Many thanks to you.


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Speaking 'bout receivers, a friend bought me a few cs 8414s and one 8412 from futurlec (they have office in NY, and probbably source is somewhere at far east). I bought I few years before a pair from farnell and they are same, except they differ in year of production (hm and price also), farnell s are from '05 and futurlecs are from '03, but they both had first letters GFB,and recs above had GYA:xeye: (interesting, I noticed now that cs8412 have GYA letters :))
There is one pretty simple way to know if receiver is working, witihout scope (if we presume the proper soldering and proper power supply) - a lock on diode connected to a pin 28 VERF, if receiver locks signal, probably is working...:angel:


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Last picture is taken from my dac board,and speaking 'bout adaptors farnell had a nice adaptor, but "no longer stocked"...:dead:
Also,in your case I think that is much easier to build complete new dac using pcm 63,1702, 1704, ad 1865, tda 1541 nonoversampled (if you're in nonos tribe), probably with tube output to achieve most natural and relaxed sound, than replacing yamaha receiver using some necessary glue logic to align receiver to dac. As kevinkr said before using adaptors mean adding unnecesary capacitance, and probably more jitter in the system. Today on diy market there are a lot of nice proved boards aviable,anyway choice is up to you...
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