CS8412, CS8415 and AD1865 DAC

Hi Guys:
I am working on the DAC employing CS8412 and AD1865, the schematics are complete and right now most of the work on PCB is finished as well, one of my friends who doesnt have 8412, but has CS8415 want me to incorporate the chip, well i want to make the foot prints of CS8415a in addition to CS8412 on the PCB, but this chips is bit difficult for me to undersatnd as it is not a pin to pin replacement for CS8412, could u help me putting a CS8415a in addition to CS8412. Schematics of CS8412 and AD1865 are attached.
( I and my friend do know about Cs8414/16/20) but dont want to use them.
Schematics are attached.:smash:


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