CS4398 on Asus Xonar Dx


2007-06-16 1:10 am
Ok.So last evening I tried the next experiment.
Connected the differential outputs of dac direct to a Lm1875 in differential topology.This means I don't have any capacitor in the signal path.Only in power supply .
Due to the fact that 1875 is used in differential topology the DC 2.5 volts from dac outs are substracted between them so I have 2 mV on speakers.
Now the results:
-huge soundstage,
-localisation of each instrument easily and precise.
- more quiet instruments can be heard in some tracks
- a lot of micro details
Big improvement in piano sound
And in all frequencies .
- each instrument seems to be more natural .
- more analog sound

Today I will listen louder.Last evening I couldn't.