CRT DIY Projector


2010-10-28 1:39 pm
hello friends,
i saw some of the lcd diy projectors and that was amazing so i decided to make a projector of my 17" CRT monitor. so guys please help me out, and tell me if it is possible or not? and if it is possible then what things i should have?
thank you very much...


2005-03-27 12:26 pm
You can't make a projector out of a CRT Monitor. It would be too costly as you will need remove all 3 cathode rays and use 3 different lens. On top of this, you will get a poor image quality due to it's poor resolution and brightness/contrast capability. It is not recommended due to radiation and all that. So for now it is either a DIY LCD or modded commercial projector.


2009-12-31 3:22 am
DIY CRT projector is a definate NO NO. It is not possible as with the quality of the image you will get, I doubt you can really call it a projector. Totally not recommended. Chuck the TV and get yourself a DLP Projector with a dead lamp and tinker about with that.

Tritosine, you should start a new thread as there may be others who may be interested in DLP RPTV Mods.