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Crown, Rane, DBX, Chip-amps, DC to DC converters, etc!

FS: Crown, Rane, DBX, Chip-amps, DC to DC converters, etc!

I'm going through the process of upgrading my pro electronic audio equipment so I would like to list my gently used stuff. Everything is in good functional condition, if not perfect cosmetic condition. Prices are fairly firm, however if you purchase a bundle of stuff, I might give a discount. Prices do not include shipping. Send me an email if you are interested!

$50 12v to +- 32v (I think) DC to DC converter (great for building car amplifiers)
$30 each- 4x LM4780 Chipamp amplifier
$35 each- 2x biamp EQ301 Constant-Q 30 Band Equalizer
$80- DBX 223 Stereo 2-way, Mono 3-way crossover
$55- Rane ME-30B 30 band Equalizer
$200- Crown Comtech-400 with rare IQ-pip-Lite! The IQ-pip-lite sells for more than $400 itself and provides network control over the amplifier. The filter capacitors have been replaced once.
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