Crown IT 12000 HD


2016-02-10 2:12 am
Hello I am just starting on here just want to say that in my audio endeavors the crown IT if not the best amplifier for the power the weight and the durability it were produced at 4 ohms 4500 watts per channel continuously and if you bridge it will then produce 9000 watts total to my opinion I've had this amp several years with no problems of breakdown overheating distortion or anything of that nature this amplifier will rock hard continuously pump and give you the sound that you're looking for I have seven crown IT 12000 in total of 63000 watts of power continuously of course I have to spread it out over 14 different speakers but the power at the end is enumerous thank you for allowing me to express my opinion

This is a DIY forum, have you built your own or modified it or...?

He's just bragging. If he gets out of place I'll show a few pictures of my stuff.

I could mention the sound system that had to be powered by two substations as neither had enough remaining capacity by themselves. (True story. The grounding was a bit of an issue!)

Yes I built parts of it myself. :)

Did P.M. you about my new roof, never heard back! (Did I tick you off?)