crown d150a

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new to all this so hope im in the right spot

on the back of my crown amp it says " max input 750 watts"

does that mean i can run a line from the input to a speaker output on my yamaha receiver without "burning" the amp?

(the amp connects to a peavey 412s 4 ohm box
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Hi khelben,
I think you are mixing up a few things here.
I haven't got a clue what the Max input 750W could be.
The d150a has an output of 2 X 75W IIRC.
Connecting the input of the crown to the output of a receiver is not a good idea. (You will burn things).
Where are the Peavey's connected to? The Yamaha or the Crown?

/Hugo :)
SY said:
That number is the power consumption from the wall socket. It doesn't relate to input sensitivity. You'll want to pad down the output of your receiver or, better yet, trace where the receiver power amp input is and connect that point to the Crown.

pad down?how?

amp input/ from schematic of the receiver?solder in my own connection/mod ?
You can use a couple of resistors per channel to form the pad. Without knowing anything about the Yamaha, I'd guess that you want something like a 10:1 reduction in voltage. The exact number is not critical. If that's not clear to you, best not start soldering.

The other thing you can do is use the tape monitor output of the Yamaha, then control the volume with the Crown's input attenuators.
" max input 750 watts"

Power factor on cap input filter is about 0.6

Thus the watts available to consume about 450W

Amp will do 240W bridged at 8 ohms

Efficency is thus about 53%, about right for a class AB amplifier with an unregulated supply.

With a regulated supply the theoretical efficency of a class AB amplifier is 78.5%
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Are you sure the Crown is working when feeding the input(s)?
Are you sure the Peavey's work?
If they are, something must be wrong with the Yamaha.
You could connect the Crown to the Peavey's, connect the signal cable to the Crown's input and tip the RCA that normally goes to the Sub-out of the Yamaha with your fingers. If you hear hum it's the Yamaha. If not, it could as well be the interconnect.

/Hugo :)
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