Crown CL2 / CE2000 repair

I have a Crown CL2 basically a CE2000 package for permanent installs, yes I know that the CE2000 amps have a very deserved bad reputation.
This amp though has not blown up and burned holes in the circuit board like they are famous for.

The problem with this amp is that any time you connect a speaker load to it or for that matter even a 10 ohm resistor to either set or the output terminals the amp will start cycling in and out of fault mode, this is with the audio input disconnected.
Disconnect the load and the amp stops the fault mode cycling and looks like is operating

Has anyone had or heard of this on the Crown CE2000 amp series and more importantly
did you figure out what the repair was.

Mike C.


2010-05-02 10:00 pm

The first thing to do is to haunt for DC at the output. When You connect a load to the output You complete the circuit to ground. If there is DC large current will flow and the protection circuit kicks in. Try with a higher resistor say 100 Ohm in series with the speaker. Do You hear distortion ? Probably Your output drivers are toast.