Crowdfunding for vacuum tubes/nixie/neon/scientific glassblowing workshop

Hello All,

Thanks for adding me to this group.
I would like to ask for sharing and perhaps chipping in to my crowdfunding project for opening glassblowing workshop.
It not planned being commercial as such. It is rather a very unique and sadly expensive hobby of mine.
There is also an urge to reintroduce some of the most unique and crafty items that has been once very popular.
I would like to manufacture affordable scientific devices such as cathode tubes of many kind, nixies, help with vacuum tubes repairs.
I've got many ideas for animated nixies similar to aerolux neon glowing bulbs.
Unfortunately to get it done properly I need help.
Much of the equipment has already been purchased or refurbished (I am using only up-cycled machines and tools).
The most difficult gig would be obtaining and transporting the glass lathe, purchasing induction tool, spot welder and some other auxiliary equipment.
I'd like to create a place where everyone could come or ask for help, even remotely. This would be our common place where we could experiment with vacuum tubes, nixies and everything that relates to glass, vacuum and electricity in general. Let's face it - it is quite an obstacle to have all the stuff you need to make vacuum tube. Imagine if you could outsource it. I know it is almost impossible, hence this project.

Please help with spreading the word about this project as I really think it would be a great one. Creative Vacuum Tubes Glassblowing Workshop, a Technology in Bedford, United Kingdom on Crowdfunder
Feel free to ask questions. All shall be answered.
Should you find this message inappropriate please remove or let me know.


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2004-06-06 8:31 pm
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Hi customnixies,
Cool project!

Can you post some pictures of some of your work, things you need to buy and that kind of stuff? We have an active tube forum where you might find like-minded people. The only catch is that we are a truly international site for people interested in audio, but this branches out for some people into pure science.

Otherwise, your post is in the correct place.

Hi customnixies,
Cool project!

Can you post some pictures of some of your work, things you need to buy and that kind of stuff?

Hi, thanks for reply.
The most tricky part would be purchasing and shipping this lathe.
If that won't kill me in the process then we're good :)

I will fund this project myself if crowdfunding will go out of the window.
I'm more concerned about the lathe part really as it is over 1T of pure steel.

We'll see how it goes :)


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Hi radiosmuck,
You don't have to donate, or comment. There is a chance this will not go anywhere, or it might be a roaring success. Please note that I am not endorsing this, or trying to dissuade customnixies from doing this.

There is quite a difference between a nixitube and a vacuum tube.
The idea put forward of being able to in the future, produce and repair vacuum tubes is ambitious, to say the least.
I'm guessing the innards of vacuum tubes are not available off the shelf so it would take a high degree of tool making skills to produce the intricate blanking and forming dies, plus a pot of money for the costly equipment and floor space required.
This is a forum, so all postings should be up for discussion, correct?

Thanks for all replies in this post.
There seem to be a kind of misunderstanding.
This is not a charity action for setting up workshop from scratch.
The amount requested is for acquisition of some tools and machines which are expensive and cumbersome in handling.
Otherwise not even £50k would suffice for making it at all possible. I started gathering all equipment in 2010.
This action is solely experimental, no one is asked for money for nothing in exchange. This is an investment.
Many details illustrating the whole picture are added as updates.
Calling this crowdfunding cheeky is a bit inappropriate. As I said - this is just a warm-up. I need to ship the rest of the stuff back, set-up the stations and do some new works and show them. I know that this is missing, but will definitely appear on a second and perhaps a third go.
After that if not succesful I will fund it myself, it'll just take another three years.
I appreciate this huge and complex project may be beyond of comprehension for some people and I do not expect them to be interested in it. I would just ask for politeness and some tact while walking away.