Crossovers for GPA 416-8B/Altec 802-8G


2021-02-26 6:22 am
I would like to build crossovers for my speakers and I need to find the right path to do this.
The following is a list of components that I would like to use:
Woofer - GPA 416-8B in 8.3 cu ft cabinet
Driver - Altec 802-8G with 511B horn
Tweeter - Altec 3000H

I am currently using the ALK AP700 crossovers that I previously used with Klipsch Cornwalls, there is no tragedy but I think it could be better because the Conwall woofer and the new cabinets are completely different.

Is there any proven ready schematic or should I measure the speakers and simulate them in the crossover software?
What measurements should I take? I have access to a measurement microphone and DATS V3.

Thanks in advance for the hints.