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I would like to do the speakers for amplifier 60W RMS / 8 ohm. I watched the speakers Woofer Beyma 8BR40/N - 50W RMS, 35 - 6000 Hz, 90 dB, 8 ohm or 8BR40N - 50W RMS, 35 - 6000 Hz, 90dB, 8 ohm ( whitc is better ) and Tweeter Beyma T2030 - 15W RMS, 1,5 - 20KHz, 95 dB, 8 ohm with crossover Beyma V2 hifi, 300 W, freq 3 KHz, 8ohm.
I already have a box dim: H-450, W-300, D-320 mm

I turn to you, because I'm not so sure that this is a good relationship and frequency of cutting 3 KHz correct

Would it be better if I would use stronger tweeter and would cut the freq to 4 or 5 KHz
Does anybody can help me with advice and calculation for crossover

Best regards

Thank you for directing
What is your goal?
PA, Small Band, or Home theater or Two channel Hi Fi?

Power is a secondary consideration in home Hi Fi, but beginners obsess on it because its easy to understand.

There should be a crossover Wiki on this site that should get you started.


I do this for my friend who have restaurant in a rustic style. I made him amplifier 6x60W RMS, 8 ohm for six rooms.
Now I need speakers for normal volume and sometimes for special meeting a little louder - stereo in one room.. I m a little afraid that is the tweeter for a little louder weak. If I take tweeter Beyma CP21F I have to make crossover because the frequency is higher. If you thing that the first combination is OK I will not complicate
Hello to everyone,
If anyone can tell me at least how to adjust the tweeter which has 15 dB higher sensitivity than woofers. Which resistors I need and how they tie - Beyma 8BR40N and CP21F. Cutting frequency is 4700 Hz. I hope I have correctly calculated ( 3u F / 0,38 mH )
The Beyma woofer works well in your cabinet (assuming a closed box), but it has a severe cone breakup at 2 kHz and is difficult to use in a 2-way speaker:

This means the woofer should be crossed below 2 kHz and you have to find a tweeter capable to operate from 1.5 kHz. That's not easy, do you only consider Beyma or other brands as well? Maybe a 30 mm dome or a horn will do.
First step:
If I take Beyma BF8R - 50W rms/8 ohm, Beyma T2030 - 15W rms/8ohm and crossover Beyma V2 hifi with frequency 3 KHz, will be this combination OK - because tweeter has only 15 W rms ( amp has app 60W rms and I think that it will be mostly on max 20W except in extreme situations could be louder )
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