Crossover wiring Heco Ascada 770 3 way

Here are the pics of them! first are the bandpass and highpass and seccond are the lowpass! Thank you!


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Hard to say what is going on there without analysing it, but that looks like a simple enough bass filter with two coils and one capacitor.

The midpass will be the complicated bit with the big componets. The high pass tweeter filter will be simple enough. Phase is going to be hard to guess, since it depends on the filter and the depth of the drivers. Also hard to guess whether that is a 4 or 8 ohm crossover.

HW 3/130 NG - 8 Ohm


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oszkar, if you can't figure all this out yourself, you shouldn't be doing it. I've already suggested some simpler two-way circuits that might work. If your bass circuit crosses over at 150Hz it's gonna fry the little cone midrange quickly.

But you haven't listened to a thing the forum has been telling you. You can't just throw random bits together like this. :eek:
The mids I have chosen were the speaka 75 - 90 since read data from the specs stated that they are having a fs. of 110hz. I was thinking that they might get the burn from the crossover cutfreq. so I quickly went to havr my alternate choosing adopted and that is the visaton 130mm bass, one unit in one speaker. Cannot remember its serrial. Btw. please tell me since I have found in my old seas speakers, is roof isolation cotton or how it is named, any good for speaker dampening material? It contains rhat glass fiber or what. Thank you!