crossover starting point for seas drivers


just need your expert feedback on some designs for some seas drivers.

i just need a starting point for my crossover to get things working ..then ill try and find some time to get a mic and software. Linearx stuff looks good but is a bit out of my price range.


have these drivers

seas millenium tweeter T25CF002 low resonance too :)
seas 6.5 inch magnesium mid w17e002

this mid has massive peaks at about can these be tamed??

i was thinking about a 2k 24db x/o with impedence compensation

what type of impendence compensation do you also recommend??....parallel (resistor +cap in series with each other)

cheers jonathon
4.5kHz peak can be tamed with series LC combination parallel to driver- inductor should be 0.15mH and cap should be 4.7uF. As this combination is pretty effective you could even try 6dB/oct. with inductor at >2mH. Acoustic slope of such xover would be much higer than 6dB. Eventually you could need parallel RLC in series with that inductor to tame probable midrange hump.
I would go with 18dB/oct. with attenuation for the tweeter.
Although not a true recipe, I believe this is usefull.