Crossover help

I am going to build a new loudspeaker. Thinking of running the mid/woofer fullrange and add in a tweeter. The bass unit is a Eminence B102. The tweeter is the Eminence APT80.
I am thinking of bringing in the APT 80 at around 7.5k, with 6 dB/octave. Also need to pad down the tweeter about 4 - 5 dB.
With the 6.3 ohm tweeter, what values series resistor and cap should I begin with.


Cal Weldon said:
Hi George,

Why not give this a try and see what you come up with. Come back and tell us what you found. I would recommend cutting off the mid bass and allow the tweeter to do it's job properly. Remember to add the value of the resistors to your impedance if padding down the tweeter.


Thanks for the link. It answers several of my questions. I see the padding model tries to end up with the same resistance after padding down. I would rather use just a series resistor and live with the increased resistance on the top.
To get 6 dB attenuation, the series resistor should be the same value as the resistance of the tweeter. I think this should work fine.
Also the first order model only uses the resistance of the drivers. For my application the calculated series inductor is only 20% of the factory listed driver inductance. This like 0.13 mH calculated value and 0.67 mH for the driver itself. With a driver inductance this high can it be used full range?
Thanks for helping a novice speaker builder.