Crossover Help for the Armadillo Center Channel

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Hello All,
I just purchased the parts for the armadillo center channel that I'll be upgrading to (from Paul C's overnight sensation center channel). However, I'm a bit confused as to how exactly to run the wires from the receiver / inputs to the speakers. I'm including my horrendous sketch / mockup and could use some yay or nay on how it should go.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Is this correct?



I don't think it is. But I am getting a severe headache trying to trace it from your excellent pictures.

We know the mid is negative polarity, and everything seems to start from the + Receiver input, but what I see there is you connect the negative of the mid to the Midrange connection, and the positive to the Ground.

But I could be wrong. :confused:
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I think I am right on this. I'll cram it in so it is readable on most PC monitors.


The input to all sections begins with the Receiver + Input on the right. The mid circuit begins with 2X parallel 10 ohm ceramics by the input. This is the 5 ohm input. Next is the big 40uF Dayton Capacitor. This grounds to Earth via the 1.2mH coil at the top. It also goes to the 1.5mH coil on the left. This is the midrange output, which also goes to Earth via the 4.3uF capacitor at the midrange connection. I see this correctly done.

So, provided the bass and tweeter sections are correctly done, and that looks OK, I stand on the mid being wired negative polarity. Looks a very nice speaker, BTW. Farnell in the UK are giving that Peerless woofer away for £10 a pop. Interesting to see two basses wired in series in a common enclosure. We are a bit undecided if this is a good idea. Time will tell. :D

BTW, I notice the wiring of the tiny 0.13mH coil in the tweeter section, at the bottom, is awfully close to the wiring of the 6.2uF capacitor. Might short. A bit of separation or insulation tape looks advised! Or maybe it is just a ghost of the superimposed images.
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