crossover distortion

I want to know,is that crossover distortion?
(This is 8 Ohm speaker.)


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Presumably because of the phase shift between voltage and current that the loudspeaker causes. The crossover distortion occurs where the current crosses zero, with a loudspeaker or any other load that is not purely resistive, that happens at some nonzero voltage.
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There's 1.3V or so of dead zone as the circuit isn't biased to class B (its more like class BC). True class B has one transistor starting to conduct when the other stops, though there's a lot of confusion about class B, AB, AB1, AB2 etc - you circuit is definitely not crossing over, its jumping over!

Adding a pair of simple biasing diodes and resistors will have a dramatic improvement of course.
Way easier to drive and much more voltage output using Darlington outputs.
T1/T2 current sources , D1 - D4 mount close to heatsink to thermal track.
D5, D6 Flyback Diodes so output transistors have short circuit current
limit. Good 80 to 90 watts into 4 ohms depending on rail voltage.
Current shown is DC