Crossover design

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I have a audio system mx165plus and need to build a crossover for it.

My question is what kind of capacitor should i use for hpf filter(tweeter)
Bipolar Polypropylene?
Bipolar electrolyt?
What kind cap should i use for best sound quality?

And for inductor is a toroid inductor ideal?
Hi Yousef,

Is this for a car?

Assuming you know the right values, lots of film caps will sound great. I prefer Mundorf MKP's in the inexpensive but very good sounding caategory, but you can find good one's from many makers. You also have to worry a little about space in a car. :)

You could use a toroid Jantzen style coil for the woofer, which has the lowest DCR, but the DCR of any good quality air coil inductor would be good. Depends how much you want to spend. If you are going to measure and tune your drivers precisely it's worth it to go all out with a copper foil inductor from Goetz, Mundorf or Jantzen. Otherwise, I'd just suggest a 14 to 12 gauge air-coil for the woofer.


Hi erik an thank you
I dont want spent much money and looking for cheap parts.
This is for car and i lost the oem crossover and dont know the right value but i found a pic of crossover board.
Can you help me with this pic?
I want use cheap parts and in addition mundorf or jantzen isnt availble in my country and are too expensive for me

Here is pic:
This is a simple first-order crossover. Tweeter high-pass filter is a 4.7 microF / 100V bipolar electrolyte, plus 3R9 ohm/ 5W ceramic resistor, plus PTC resettable fuse for tweeter overcurrent protection, all serially connected with the tweeter. Woofer low-pass filter is a ferrite core coil, unfortunately without printed value on it. Try with 0.47 mH.
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I think due to component manual this cross is a 12db/octave for teewter and woofer connect to amplifier directly.
Yes, you are right, I just saw the original user manual
The crossover indeed is a second order, so woofer is directly connected to amplifier. I was fooled by the red wire beneath crossover board (it is for a resistor bypass, actually). Unfortunately, there is no clear number (value) printed on coil.
9.0 printed value you saw can not be the inductance of the coil (in mH), it must be lower than 1 mH.
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