Crossfeed for HD600

Thanks for the links Patrick very helpfull, I'm still not sure what way to choose for EQ: passive or digital, I like the sound at 100Hz, I can't calculate the zobel because I don't know the voice coil inductance Le.

With the xfeed I'm looking for a more centered sound but the schematics used don't like the sound. What do you think is the best for HD600?

Congrats for you very nice headphone amp:)
I looked at building a crossfeed add-on board for one of my amp designs a year or two ago. Looking into it through there were several software crossfeed plug-ins for popular audio players that seemed to be highly rated, so I never bothered. At least one of those was for-pay commercial software too, as I recall, and rather pricey.

Software doesn't help much though if the source is a turntable or or non-PC gizmo! :)

Dr Meier did that original post on Headwize way back when (the excerpts in your second link in post #2). Since then it looks like he formed Meier audio, a commerical company, if I have the history right. Here is his crossfeed page:

Meier Audio

EUVL has a good point. Crossfeed may be best done on the source end of things (that is where I was going to put it) so a low Z output headphone amp can drive the headphones directly.
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Started with this attached schematic.

I'm hearing better the headphones, the sound is more centered allowing to listen now more details before not listened for the stereo image.

I guess the schematic used is for medium crossfeed, time to experiment with more crossfed schematics.


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