Crimson Elektrik Literature from 1979


2009-01-02 1:49 pm
In another thread I said I would post scanned copies of the Crimson Elektrik literature that I got when I bought my Crimson amps in Jan 1980, so here they are.

You can download it all (22MB) via this link:

It's a single zip containing 4 pdf files
- Crimson CE amps booklet 1979.pdf
- Crimson CE amps wiring diag 1979.pdf
- Crimson CPR1 preamp booklet 1979.pdf
- Crimson price list 1979.pdf

They cover issue 4 of the 35-01 CE modules pcb.

The scans aren't the best, but it's all readable.

All these documents are copyright Crimson Elektrik / Brian Powell who has cleared my posting them.

I'm preparing a schematic for the CE1708 Issue 4 from the pair that I have. I'll post it seperately when I'm done.