Creative edge solutions for plywood

I'm beginning my fifth full range build, and I'm curious to hear about some of the best ways to conceal plywood edges. I've used tape, and it's okay, but the stain didn't match exactly plus it doesn't stand up to sanding. I've also mitered the edges, which worked great on a tiny box, but I doubt I can pull it off with a regular circular saw and a 6 cubic foot box. The box will be 48" tall by 19.5 deep by by 13.5 wide. It's a basic bass reflex design with a rear port. I'll be installing audio nirvana classic 10 drivers. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
If not already practiced with dealing with raw birch or maple veneer's tendancy to blotchiness when staining darker colours, I'd suggest a cut plan that leaves sufficient off-cuts on which to experiment with finishing products and processes. There are some excellent stain sealers or pre-conditioners that will help even things out. Once an initial color coat has penetrated raw veneer, it's much harder to correct.
Make it an all edge look, quite attractive! ;)


But I'll be honest, this big its easy to get cracks with humidity changes. But it sure was pretty.
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