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CPLD based DIY Pre-Amp and display Kit (PGA2310)

New Altera CPLD based DIY Pre-Amp and display Kit(PGA2310)
$ 99.99


This CPLD Development Kit Designs For DIY Audio Amp
This Kit can be an independent Pre-Amp
It Can Be Installed In Front Panel of Your Amp

Kit Content:

Development Main Board
The CPLD will come with a built-in program which can control relays on the volume control board, and also can control the PGA2310.
All Passive Components
2*16 Character LCD Modules
Infrared Receiver
Hith-Sensitive Relays
Build-in 10.0000Mhz Crystal Oscillator
** New PGA2310**
** New ALTERA MAX EPM7128SLC84 **
Free program can be download here .

Shipping and Payment:

Worldwide shipping via USPS Please E-Mail for Shipping
Shipping & Handling charge is US$5.40 (U.S.A.)
More Detail and photos