Coustic Power Logic AMP160 Questions

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I just got this amp from my father in law.Looks like a nice little amp internally for only being rated at 30 watts a channel.Anyways i'm having some trouble locating any info about this amp. I really just need to know what size fuse it takes and whether or not it is bridegable. I don't believe it to be bridgeable but I could be wrong.I love old school equipment like this.Its one of those things I drooled over at 14 and never had until now.
I do not know if this will help, but I have a Coustic Power Logic AMP-160u & it's fuse is rated at 15 amps according to the manual, & it is bridgeable.

I have a few different Coustic amplifiers, mostly older ones that I have repaired & they perform well in my opinion. I have the AMP-160u, AMP-260u, AMP-190, AMP-260, AMP-360 & a 600SE, to me they all work very well, though some are very old & have been repaired, they sound great! The only one I have not heard yet is the AMP-190 as when I ordered parts for it I was sent the wrong ones & have not ordered the correct ones yet, hopefully sooner or later I will get the parts for it, but I imagine it sounds about the same as the AMP-160u & AMP-260. The amps have been in boxes with the rest of my collection for a while now, so I hope I have all of the model numbers on them right.

You could check Coustic's website in there CLASSIC section as they have a lot of old manuals there, you may find what your looking for. Anyway, I hope this info helps!

Here are some of the specs for the Power Logic AMP-160u: (might be similar to your AMP-160)


Rated Power In Stereo Mode (0.09% THD):
35W x 2 @ 4 Ohms

50W x 2 @ 2 Ohms

Rated Power In Bridged Mono Mode (0.2% THD): 100W x 1 @ 4 Ohms

Sound to Noise Ratio: 95 dB

Fuse Rating (Ampere): 15A
Disclaimer: This is dredged up from old memory:

The early Coustic Power Logic amps had a little 4 pin molex speaker plug. Inner two speaker wires were black negatives, outer two were positives.

Does this sound right?

If bridgeable, was done so by sliding switch and using the two positive speaker leads. Cannot run mono and stereo simultaneously.

Old memory cleared up just a little... The series I'm thinking of included the Amp120, Amp190, and Amp360, made mention of hexfets in the silkscreen print. Used quite a few in '87-'88 as entry-level amps as the EQ/booster trend faded away.

I don't think the 160 was in that series.

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