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You've probably got a problem with your amplifier, rather than
counterfeit devices. Still, it's best to buy from sources you
can trust, preferably authorized dealers. Substandard parts
often can't meet the published SOA, or even voltage ratings
and in the case of 'sustained beta' devices like the 2SA1302/
2SC3281, probably fall down in that area too.
I don't have any trouble with my amps becouse I used this more than 10 years. We call this "devices" - " made on the boat " somewere in China or Singapore . In Romania we have 2 prices for example:
2SC3281-TOS ....... 3.2$ ( Toshiba I think )
2SC3281-DIV ....... 0.8$ ( Some no name for beginners).

Last month I see this cheap counterfit devices in Munich (Germany).
If it anybody do not belive me I can send it 4 - 6 counterfit power tranzisor , or everybody can buy this from or

Best regards ,
Bad parts

There have been reports of bad parts being circulated and sold to reputable electronic parts outlets. In some cases even the names and part numbers have been made to look like they came from major manufacturers.

If bad parts were purchased from a supplier then that supplier would surely like to know this so they can check their inventory and remove the bad parts from circulation. I would also suspect that they would refund the full purchase price. It is doubtful that a supplier would sell bad parts on purpose. It is of course possible, but I like to look at the good side of things.

John Fassotte
Alaskan Audio
what's the problem? Just say who it is. The last thing we need is one more ******* vendor trying to screw us with fake parts.
Believe me, they know exactly what they have in stock and what they are trying to sell you.
MCM was selling fake sanken 2sa1216 and 2sc2922 for a hefty $8 and change a piece and probably still is. The specimen I recieved, and returned, was absolute crap.
MCM is particularly cunning in that it posts the brand names and a little note which says something to the extent that the component may be the original or a substitute with equivalent characteristics.
Counterfeit transistors

As I've mentioned in the Introductions thread, this is a common thing in Malaysia. I've been duped, 2SA1302/C3281, MJ15003/4, TIP35C, TIP127 etc. I have a couple of bags full of them, and I'm not bluffing! Talks with a local supplier showed that even they are being duped! It seems that the culprits are the main suppliers, who are mostly dealing with international trade. From my own investigations, it seems that these fake stuff is mostly made in China or India. Circulation is widespread.

The earlier fakes are easy to identify by their lousy appearences. But latter fake devices are impossible to identify, until they blew up.

My suggestion: make the act of making fake stuff a Capital Offence!!!!!!! I'm extremely pissed off!!!

Hey guys!, thanks for the response on the counterfeit transistors.
Let me just say that I won't be buying any more transistors from
Dalbani. MCM looks a little shaky in the future too.
Installed four good 2SA1302/C3281 last night and the amp is still running this morning. From now on will try to buy from suppliers
such as Mouser,Newark,Allied,etc.
I do like to get my facts together before I start throwing names
out there. Dalbani and MCM have been suspect before.

MCM's one of my main sources for Japanese JFETS (although I buy from Consolidated a lot) so I'm sorry to hear your comment.

What's been your experience with them? Any other sugestions for Japanese transistors not available from Allied, Newark, etc.?


About MCM
continued from previous post.

I have had no problems with other products I bought from them.
On the positive you can return anything to MCM if you are not happy. However it makes it a pain to buy. First you have to try the small sample, then go for the real order. Very time consuming.
I think that this kind of gambling they are doing is very bad for their business. People that buy components are not exactly idiots. If something doesn't spec it will probably get returned so what's the point? The noname fakes I got had an avg current gain of 8!
Bawang , when I was in SEA last winter I did a small shopping tour through the electronic shops in Bangkok, and most MJ15003/4 was fake ones ... first they where to cheap ( < 1 US$ ) and the case looked like somebody had tried to grind it with a heavy machine, not exactly the smooth surface you need to have a good thermal contact in a 250 W transistor!
Even the markings (name , type ) looked fake
BTW I pay about 3 US$ in lesser quantities here in Sweden.

Damn, I wish I was in SEA now. 30 cm of snow and it is just beginning to snow again.

Counterfeit transistors

Rickard, you'll be surprised at the new generation of counterfeit transistors. They are impossible to tell from the real ones, even to my (and a local supplier's) trained eyes. Damn...... why can't these ******** used the technology (to make real-looking counterfeit transistors) to make real ones instead?
Counterfeits Down Under?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable parts source in Australia? We have Wescomponents, Farnells, RS Components, Jaycar, to name a few of the major ones. I am just getting ready to jump into building a JLH Class-AB amp and I surely do not feel like getting nabbed with trash, my free time that I can dedicate to this hobby is scarce enough, without having to redo something because of faulty parts. Transistors are not that big of a percentage of a project to try and save a few bob on cheap and possible counterfeits.

So who are the Australian DIYAudio fanatics using for parts?

Surf, Sun & Sound
Dear all ,
regarding this issue have something to say . Counterfeit Transistors it does exit but don't happy if you got the real one in your hand ! Maybe your once is the reject item !!! or the 2nd /3rd ...............grade transistor ! Usually what u can buy from the local electronic shop is 2nd/3rd grade component and some
even worse ! Unless u direct due with manf what spec.... Q...etc !

I am also in Australia. I use Jaycar a lot, especialy for passive components.

As far as transistors go, I have found a local (Melbourne) dealer for WES Components. I have bought several batches of transistors including 2SA1302/C3281 all have been good. Also there prices have been very fair (~$7 AU each for 2SA1302/C3281, varies sometimes??).

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