Could this sub work?

Hi all,

I'm trying to design a suitable enclosure for a pair of subs i have lying around unused at home, their specs are as follows:

Normal Power Handling 300W rms
Voice Coil Diameter 3”
Voice Coil Type / Former edge wound/Kapton
Resonant Frequency 43Hz
Qts-Total Damping 0.52
Qms- Mechanical Damping 2.51
Qes- Electromagnetic Damping 0.66
Vas- Equivalent Compliance Volume 43.97 Liter
DC Resistance of V.C. 4W / 8W
Sensitivity(SPL at 1W) 89.31 dB
Linear Excursion ±5.5mm
Peak to Peak Excursion ±13mm
Mms- Total Mass 114.7 grams
Sd- Piston Area 0.0512 sqM
Bl- Magnet Product 13.74 TM
Diaphragm Material carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb
Basket Material cast aluminum
Net Weight 24.18lb
Dimensions 12.27” dia. X 4.75” H
Mounting Diameter 11.125” dia.

What kind of enclosures would you guys use? They will be used for music only.
thats what i was thinking really. it models alright in huge ported boxes but i want to keep the enclosure size within reasonable limits. OB doesnt seem like a good idea due to limited xmax, and this thing rolls off way too early in a sealed enclosure.

Just in case anyone is wondering, these a actually car subs, PPI Flat Pistons, one of very few car sunds that actually have underhung motors. I love them in car(where there is plenty of cabin gain to compensate for low end extension, and they shine in ported boxes tuned to about 35Hz) but in a home environment, i wont be able to get away with that.

I already have the subs, and i want to use them in home....sane or wacky enclosure ideas are welcome :)