Could Googling Take Down a President?


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2006-01-18 8:08 pm
No, it's about technology and privacy, not politics. Don't rush to judgment.

The magazine name should have given it away--Communications of the ACM, where ACM = Association for Computing Machinery and is the primary professional organization for computer science.

As for the text being small--clicking into the text area zooms it to something that on my screen compares to 16 point size font, or quite a bit larger than the default font size on the forums here.


2004-10-21 4:35 am
Interesting article, a bit on the conspiracy theorist side, but who doesn't like a good conspiracy theory every once in awhile?

I have had some similar concerns about search engines, especially as a Research and Development Engineer who works on confidential projects. By looking at my search strings, a reasonable guess could be made as to what my current projects are.

Certainly gives me food for thought.