Correct signal phase integrity

I have one question.

My opinion is that Bride of Zen invert the phase of the signal, but Penultimate Zen V4 does not. To adjust the absolute phase I reverse the cables on Zen V4 output. Is this correct ?

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I also prefer to listen to the records as they are recorded.

Yes, I made a big mistake while I wrote the post.

BOZ invert phase and Zen V4 also invert phase. The input buffer does not invert, but output stage invert. So the absolute phase is correct. The Zen V4 shematic show the output on output capacitor as - and GND as +. Is this becouse ZEN invert phase ? (my opinion is that this is this). So combination ZEN V4 and BOZ does not invert the absolute phase, so output on output capacitor is + and GND is - to speaker.

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