Corner horns as bass traps?


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
I have a question for the physicists here. I've wondered this for a while, and once I read a blog which discussed it, but would something like a Klipschorn make a good bass trap, if we replaced the driver with progressively denser sound absorbent materials?

The blog I read didn't say much, except maybe one line that he had two empty folded horns in the opposite corners acting as bass traps.

How would we gauge the efficacy of this without actually doing it? What would the rules be for a bass trap that apply?


Hmm ... you just got me thinking! I have Khorns in my room and recently started playing with Lii Audio F-15's in an OB. I wonder if the Khorns are robbing some of my bass since they sit behind the OB's? :cool:

I am planning to take some room measurements this week ... will have to take some before and after removal to compare. Or better yet, leave them there and block the ports to ensure the difference is not the increased volume behind the baffle.
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2014-06-27 3:32 pm
With OBs, a bass trap behind should help, as if you'd pulled the baffles further from the walls, a virtually distanced reflective corner.
Kind of cool, folks could use OBs in smaller rooms if it works that way.

If you could measure at a couple of distances from the horns, it might help us see what's going on. Maybe two to one on the distances?