Corner Horn for GPA 604

I'd like to build a corner speaker for a Great Plaint Audio 604 driver to work with a 2A3 amp.
Corner because of the size of my listening room with a big driver like the 604.
I saw 2 possible enclosure :
- Horn Jensen : BLH 604.jpg
- BR classic : Altec corner1.jpg

What would you advice, knowing this is for classical music, needing good quality of timbres, dynamics, imaging...
I would say the horn one, but will it go low in bass ??
There are many designs for corner cabinets out there. They were very popular during the mono era in the 1950s. Off the top of my head, there was also the corner version of the Jensen Ultraflex, and another that was trapezoidal with a triangular top plate and a back vent. Altec, University, EV, Jensen - all the usual suspects had a version or two.

Obviously, the plans you link to are two different types. One is a corner loaded backhorn, and the other is a corner loaded reflex. I think the second option makes the most sense. It's easy to construct, and the cabinet vent effectively becomes the throat for the corner of the room, which acts as the horn. In a way, they are both back horns functionally.

I had something similar to the Altec cabinet in my living room for many years. It was a combination of a couple different corner cabinet designs, optimized using software. It was quite outstanding. Very natural and musical, and the bass went as deep as a good subwoofer. It wasn't a coax, but used an Altec 414 as a woofer, and a horn loaded small full range.
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