Core systems Houston speakers ???


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
I picked these up as a combo deal.
I thought they were white van speakers, except, put a few pairs on these in a white van, and the white van will be dragging its under carriage on the road.

These are huge and heavy. 19"X19"X38" and weigh every bit of 100 lb.

And painted with that gorgeous genuwhine commercial grade high quality Bedliner paint, and they'd have needed it too, cos they have been dragged, possibly behind the aforementioned whitevan, and the wood underneath is pristine - Yea I peeled it cos its getting domesticated.

Label says core systems Inc, Houston.

The driver is a 15" eminence omega.
Speakon connector and overall very impressively heavy.

Anyone have any info ? cabinet is wood and void free baltic or oak or other light color plywood. No expense appears to have been spared. Purpose built to be loud, low and wear like steel.

Any info appreciated.



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If you have the equipment to measure the response, that could be useful. Also a sketch of the internal layout and dimensions might help sim the cabinet.

At first glance though, it looks like it's purpose built to be a mean kickbin. Probably highly effective between 70-300hz or somewhere in that range?


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
The eminence specs are -
Nominal Basket Diameter: 15", 381mm
Impedance: 8 ohms
Power Rating: 800W
Music Program : 1600W
Resonance: 33Hz
Frequency Range: 51Hz-1.7kHz
Sensitivity: 97.3
Magnet Weight: 109 oz.
Voice Coil Diameter: 4", 101.6mm

Yea its got some fittings where you can use it as a bottom pf a pole mount looks like.

I hate those neutrik's though. Those are getting tossed.