Coral tweeter / mid attenuator - functional problems

To keep with the same tweeter faceplate, i found the Dayton AMT 8 mini, could be able to be fitted and keeping the aluminum look. I am not sure how the AMTs rate, so a few reviews, seem to praise it.

Tweeter controls dont appear to work. I have the crossover out and could i use the multimeter to test it. 3 wipes per control. I labelled them 1-3. Midrange appears to work but scratchy still, even though i have taken both apart, it could be maybe lose connection on the board. I can re apply the 2-26 grease.

I have only the crossover pcb to go by.

To test do put the probe on wiper 1 and 3 and turn the dial

coral cx-5 crossover.jpeg
Are you asking how to test the control pots?

There are three terminals - the middle one is the wiper that moves along the resistance wire.

To test, set multimeter to low ohms, connect the probes between the middle terminal and one of the outer terminals.

As you turn the dial, the reading should vary between 0 and 10 ohm.

If I have not interpreted your post correctly then please come back with more details.
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sorry mods for the double post, i must be past editing.

Hello @Galu and All

I went ahead with measuring the tweeters 2 is the middle one, and it goes to +ve tweeter, appears to be like the diagram i found online. 1 is 8.2ohm and 3 00.2 * ( would be 0 with my old meter). I turn the dial and then values are reversed 1 is 0 and 3 is 8.2 ohm. It should be fine, and the tweeter control should work.
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