Coral CX-5 tweeter blown


The tweeters have blown in my coral cx-5 speakers. They are rated at 60w music, which, i assume could be around 30rms? The cutout for the tweeter is 5.5cm, just below the bottom of the cut out is internal bracing (as per photo). I upgraded the crossover and found in another forum, some one had drawn out the schematic for the crossover. I used jansen for the tweeter , mid LCR (ampohm), woofer just cross caps. Resistors, i tried the W22 from element14. Really nice sounding speakers, the midrange being its best drivers. Sounds fine without the tweeters. The attenuator doesnt appear to work, it did for the mids not the tweeter. I carefully did pull it apart and cleaned it. Its either my wiring or something else.

Ive had success with the Seas H1283 in my ESM / Seas Kenwood bookshelf speakers. I am learning towards it, and i am not sure if it suits this particular crossover.

coral cx-5 crossover.jpeg



@DrBoar Thankyou Dr Boar, for your reply and advice. Yes , that must be why it still sounds good with the midrange taking part of the tweeter range. That is good i have a choice of tweeters, to use. I find the Seas H1283 to be a really good tweeter for its price. I think the midrange attenuator may work, though i took both apart, i can adjust once i get the new tweeter to my liking.