ConvolverVST is causing aliasing?

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I'm having an odd issue where running my XO through the Convolver VST is causing aliasing when running a sine sweep at higher frequencies (around 14k).

The issue repros even when the whole signal path (playback, virtual audio cables, repeater, ouput DAC) is aligned with the FIR frequency (44.1). It also repros with our without bringing ASIO4ALL into the signal path.

Using the same filters on jRiver convolver causes no aliasing, so I think it have it narrowed down to the ConvolverVST component?
Which Convolver VST are you referring to? With given info Google returned an old sourceforce project ... if this is the software then just leave it and find an alternative.

Maybe you should contact the Convolver support if it exist?

There sure are well working alternatives for Convolver VST ... just dig the KVR database.
Yep, I'm talking about the old sourceforge project. It looks like it was last touched years ago and doesn't appear to be in support. However, it appears to be kind of a standard on windows, is used in many tutorials.

Digging through KVR, I've found a lot of reverb convolvers, but I haven't found any that have the flexibility to do a 2-way active crossover (2ch stereo into LH, LL, RH, RL). The only reasonably priced alternative convolver I've found so far on Windows is the one built into JRiver (which, oddly enough, takes ConvolverVST config files as input).

I believe it's possible to get BruteFIR running in Windows, but at that point I'm not longer looking simple VST hosts, but is probably need to figure out JACK for Windows.
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Thanks @jiiteepee.

Do I just swap newer binary dlls into the convolverVST runtime directory? Is there any chance it could be my VST host (using SAVIhost).

Looked at Banana. I couldn't see if it import FIR filters from sources like rePhase and DRCDesigner?

AFAIK, Banana does not input FIR data ... you be able to just repeat stereo (ch1,2) signal (to ch3,4 ... ch7,8) and then EQ each channel separately.

Probably swapping the dll's is the way to go (remember backup first).

You could check if the plug-in works in VSTHost (big bro for SAVIHost) or with other VST host software. Here are couple to mention:

MUX Modular Synth and Effect Plug-In
Minihost Modular Beta 3 (v1.5.8) (Topic) • Image-Line
diyAudio server HTTPS page
Plogue | Downloads VST/AU/RTAS/AAX Plugin, Synth, Effect, Modular Host
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