Converting dipoles, help needed


2004-03-02 10:43 pm
I'm considering converting the woofers in my dipoles to boxed. Vented or closed, not sure what would work best?

The woofers are Dayton 15" IB.

Reason for considering this is that my fiance is pregnant with our first baby and I need to make them more child-proof, I need to limit the number of active parts in the audio system.

If I were to convert the woofers to some boxed design, I wouldn't need the active filter and I could use one power amp less.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


2004-03-02 10:43 pm
Hi and thanks for all quick replies :)

The dipoles are in two parts, stacked on top of eachother.
Woofers in H-baffles and the "tops" are regular open baffles.

Tops, passive crossover with foil inductors & NOS PIO caps:
Dayton 7" Reference

Woofers, active crossover via DCX2496 with compensation:
Dayton 15"IB

I was thinking that with the woofers boxed I could get rid of the compensation and thus the active crossover.

This would mean that I could use just one poweramp.

I built the speakers over 6 years ago and struck gold as this was my first speaker build and they sound amazing IMHO.

Using an online calc, I've forgotten all about speaker design that I read all those years ago, gave a closed box volume of about 1700L (?!?).