Converter I²S 32 bit to SPDIF


2012-09-19 10:53 am
Hello together,

for testing purpose I'm searching for a converter from I²S to SPDIF. My great problem is, that I have an Audio resolution of 32 Bit and I need the complete 32 Bits. All the converter I have found only have a maximum of 24 Bit audio resolution.
Has anyone an idea where to find a chip on a pcb (e.g. eva-board) which can convert this audio resolution?

Best regards
Well my understanding is that SPDIF simply cannot convey 32-bit data in its standard form.

Indeed, a SPDIF subframe is 32-bit wide. A subframe is the whole set of information that is transferred for each channel at each sampling period.

In this subframe, 20 bits were originally dedicated for coding the audio sample.
This can be extended to 24 bits by fitting the 4 LSBs in the 4-bit auxiliary data field.
The 8 remaining bits are:
- The preamble (4 bits), cannot be 'hacked'
- The V, U, C and P bits, cannot be 'hacked' neither.

I doubt there's any 32-bit SPDIF encoder: most receivers wouldn't be able to decode the stream.