Converter electrical performance


2002-09-19 3:52 pm

I recently invested in a new AD/DA converter and would like some input on the electrical characteristics on the unit. It's a high performer with good reputation but there are some readings that in my eyes could be better.

It's a balanced design.

-The DC offset between either legs and GND is aprox. 50mV

-The DC between hot and cold range from 0.4mV (good) to 7mV (unecessary high IMPOW).

-There is a up to 0.4dB output rms channel to channel imbalance which seems to much for a pro/mastering grade product. Even mic's and speakers can be matched better than that.

-Checking hot an cold to GND, cold has (on all channels) a RMS reading that is 3-7% higher than hot which doesn't seem very balanced.

I use converters both for music recording/production but also for electrical and acoustical measurements and studies so SOTA performance is something I need on both audible as well as measurable parameters.

What bother me most is the channel imbalances and the non symmetrical output between hot/cold.

Any thoughts?