Convert existing 2ways into ML TL?

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I'm looking to gain some cheap experience. I had the idea of converting my SuperOnes into a ML TQWT configuration. I'm so curious to hear how ML TQWT's sound. I know nothing about building crossovers, i've never even soldered before. I think doing it this way, using the existing sealed setup, it should at least be acceptable. Although not optimally tuned for the new cabinet. The only problem is that I dont have T/S specs on the woofer to plug into MJK's sheets. Or is this a foolish idea? I just dont want to waste money on cheapo drivers and crossover for experimenting. That probably wont sound good no matter what, and i'll never use as a permanent installation. Whereas I can always revert back to my sealed cabinets with the SuperOnes.

Then there's my LX5's which i've been itching to tear apart. I love the sound of the ribbon, hate the muddy/muffled midbass.

Thanks guys.


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Or is this a foolish idea?
Pretty much. That said, I have a simple way to design a tapered pipe based on some Altec nomographs developed back in the '50s for DIYers when no specs are known that works fairly well, though some experimenting with stuffing and possibly adding some series resistance to tonally flatten it out qill probably be required.

If you make the width the same as the SuperOnes, the stock XO will probably sound good enough. No way to sim it of course, you'll just have to gamble some time/wood, then ask more Qs if you can't make it sound acceptable.

Assuming your speakers have ~ the same -3dB point as the current versions, then a ~40Hz Fb seems a reasonable lower limit to shoot for in a simple folded tapered pipe constructed like these, though not designed using their formulas:

Anyway, if you want to gamble on one, send me an email and I'll work it up if no one comes along with T/S specs for the drivers or a proven design I'm not familiar with.

After some thought I think i'm going to purchase a pair of cheap tangband full ranges to experiment with. Less frugal then my original idea, but $17/driver isn't bad I guess. Maybe i'll even find them a permanant home somewhere. I'll try those out in a TL. Maybe play with some other configurations as well. Might even mate up well with my lineaum tweets on the lx-5s (love those ribbons, even though people have mixed feelings about them). This will be after I finish my TL sub...which is slowly coming together.

To be continued.... :p

Cant wait to learn more from you guys!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.