Conversion of a Muse Model 18 into a sealed sub


2009-09-26 5:59 pm
Hi Folks,
I have a Muse Model 18 enclosure with no amp and damaged drivers. I am seeking advice on converting this into a sealed or ported mono-summed down-firing sub-woofer to augment my DTQWT MKIII loudspeakers on the very low end. This will be primarily to enhance electronic music lower frequency's that the DTQWT cannot quite deal with. I would like to keep the price of the driver below $800 but will be flexible. I have Anthem P2 amp and also a Hypex Fusion
FA253 Amp that can be put into use in powering it. The sub will sit between the 2 speakers as this is the only location available. My biggest concern is that the sub does not degrade the nature of the DTQWT bass, just augment the lower reaches.
Any Ideas?