Controller Pioneer Studio Speakers

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A friend had these speakers (Pioneer s-dj05) laying around and gave them to me, he didn't use them because they dont sound extremely loud.... But they work OK for me. The other problem is that the "controller" was missing. This "controller" controls the volume of both speakers, eq on/off, input selection and ON/standby. Its quite nice because you dont need to go to the speakers to turn them on or change the volume.
There are 2 mini din 8a connectors at the back, one is where the controller is plugged and the other is to link the first speaker to the second. From the manual:


I was thinking about building a controller myself but haven't been able to find any information about it. These speakers appear to be the only Pioneer product that has ever used this gadget.

I found in the manual of the CMX-3000 that it has the same connector to communicate between the cd player and its controller. I measured voltages/continuity to see if the schematic made sense:


Pins 2 and 9 (shield) are connected. The shield and pin1 are not connected. Pin 3 has 10v. The rest is very close to 0v. Given the fact that pin3 could be TX, it makes sense that is high (being the speaker the device). But all the rest is not ok.

There is a nice description of the serial protocol in the manual of the Elite SC-05.

It could be serial, but some things dont add up:
- It is mentioned in the speaker manual that once the controller is connected, the volume pot at the back of the speaker is bypassed. Therefore, some pins might just be shorted by the plug to let the speaker know that the controller has been plugged or the controller sends a constant stream of commands.
- The "control out" at the back of the speaker doesn't have voltage on any pin. I would have expected something on the TX too, unless the speaker deactivates the serial module when no controller is plugged.
- The controller volume knob appears to be a pot instead of an encoder (it has limits)
- The buttons on the controller are just momentary push buttons

So, it could also be that pins are shorted by the buttons of the controller and that the volume is just an analog signal.

I opened the speaker to see if I could trace the signals from the connector, but everything seems to be enclosed in an epoxy blob.

I would love to hear ideas or experiences with this controller.

Thanks and regards!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.