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Hi Mark. I was of the understanding that you have a newer "universal" a/c motor controller available in partial kits and assembled for synch motors. Have you decided not to pursue this anymore? I build moderate priced custom tables based around some designs I have and am looking for motor control solutions. I tend to favor single phase a/c synch motors and am considering 3 phase. thank you for responding and I hope you are well.

Kits: no, never again.

Built controllers: nothing available now. I will be shipping the new Garrard controller as soon as the enclosures arrive then maybe I'll get the new synchronous controller sorted but we still have to work out how to handle getting people to rewire their turntables.

What people think of as single phase AC synch motors are really two phase with a capacitor to fake the second phase. To get the best results the motor is run from a two phase supply and the capacitor removed. This is proving to be a thorny issue.