Construction Order

I'm full of questions here and this is not related to painting. I've searched, but can not find any threads on a reasonable order of construction. I have all the pieces cut and am ready to glue and clamp. But, a lot of stuff has to go inside. Do you leave off the front or back, or just work through the driver cutouts? I'm leaning towards leaving the front off and doing all the coating and foam and crossover installation, then gluing on the front baffle.

Some of you guys that have built multiple speakers, what are the newbie mistakes to avoid.

Personally, I build a skeleton of top/bottom/sides/braces, then sand to make sure the front/rear baffles will fit with no gaps. Then I start adding damping/absorbing material, then when thats done, glue on the back, front goes on last. Then I put tape over driver/port/terminal holes, and sand the whole box as needed. Once all sanding is done, I do the finishing, then install drivers/XO.

I'm sure others have different preferences as well, but this one worked for me on 7 speakers so far.