consering logitech z323 modification


2011-12-03 1:19 pm
i have logitech z323, to me it sounds boomy in a dull way, it's 2.1 featuring STA540 ic, if i put volume of the subwoofer to low it's then either still sounds very dark not open sound and the base is still taking over other frequencies or there would be no low & mid-low frequencies at all

and another thing i don't want the 360-degree sound feature .. each speaker have to 2" woofers, one at the front and the other on the back of the speaker box
i want to make it 2.0 without the sub-woofer box at all but still has a good low frequencies and make for the 2" woofer new wooden boxes so that they bet beside each other at the front.. is it possible to make it