Conrad Johnson MF2100 - Anyone own one?


2016-03-14 10:23 am
If you currently own one, or have had experience with one in the past, what were your impressions?

Did you notice any mechanical hum from the transformer? And did it power down quietly?

The unit I have produces a noticeable hum from the transformer, it’s more pronounced with the top cover on. I've read that a degree of noise is to be expected on larger transformers - this unit employs a conventional EI unit, and it looks well made. I guess I'm just a bit surprised. Overall, C-J don't seem to skimp on component quality.

The other issue is power-down. The unit generates significant DC-offset for a few seconds when powered off. It's fairly subtle, certainly not enough to do any harm, but noticeable non the less. Again, I'm just a bit surprised and wondering if this is normal. Both channels are affected in exactly the same way.

Other than this, no complaints at all. Sounds (to me) very good indeed.