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Conrad heatsinks group buy

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Getting ready to build a monster class A amplifier, and will be needing some large heatsinks. I've seen the group buy for Conrad heat sinks awhile ago, I think it's about time for another. Goal is going to be 50 pieces, which shouldn't be too hard. I will be ordering six for myself. What heat sink would people be the most interested in? I'm thinking the MF30-100 is sufficient for my needs, and it's a nice size too. Fins are 1.81 inches tall (46mm), and the base dimensions are 3.94 inches (100mm) by 11.81 inches (300mm). Fins are oriented vertically for best heat dissipation. Still waiting for a response from Conrad regarding the cost of 50+ heatsinks, I've emailed them three times in the last month with no response, I'm guessing the online inquiry form is not working... Just getting this out there to see the interest. Here's a link for more info and a pictures:
I've bought heatsinks from Conrad, and they are very high quality.

For class A I'd strongly recommend the MF35-151.5. When corrected for ambient room temperature, this model has a c/w rating of .29.

It's much better to call Conrad rather than email.

BTW, one pair of MF35-151.5's is design perfect for a stereo Aleph30. Mine runs about 145 degrees F after 2 hours.

I requested a quote of a few different models. The MF35-151.5 was one of them (although I don't like the 151.5mm height vs the 100mm height). Conrad actually is having email problems, and they sent me a letter explaining the situation via Airmail (now that's good customer service!). It seems that my email is the only one with this problem. So I have created a new email with a different server, and hopefully will have a quote soon. Thanks for you patience, there already is enough interest (on this forum and elsewhere) to justify ordering.
Hello Chris

From your earlier post I phoned Conrad Engineering and spoke to Julienne the manager. He said he had received your emails but when he replied they were bounced back all the time. He mailed you a response which you mentioned you received.

It sounds like you still have issues with the email response, he is eager to please you guys over in the States, but it is hard to do business if you can't reach each other.

Try and fax him at + 613 9387 2896, or get someone there with a working email address to email him at: sales@conradheatsinks.com
or best bet is to phone him on + 613 9387 7106.

Don't forget he is about 20 hours ahead of you guys on the west coast of USA.


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.