Conrad Heatsinks gone ?


2012-01-21 10:57 pm
Hi Guys,

Has anybody recently had any success trying to contact Conrad Heatsinks?
I am getting the impression they have gone out of business.

I've been attempting to get a shipping quote to New Zealand.

I've tried doing an enquiry through their website but the form has an error at the submit order stage.
I've also tried emailing them directly but have received no reply.
I need some fatty heatsinks for Class A.

I've had a look around the Chinese suppliers but nothing compares to the Conrad product for the price.

Can you recommend any Indian suppliers?

Once overseas shipping is factored in, I dont know how many you need, but is Fastron suitable? even better than Conrad IMO, but a bit more expensive. Not so much if you are geared up to chop up a 2.1 or 3M length to size yourself. Heat Sink for Power Electronics

– Fastron Electronics Store
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2012-01-21 10:57 pm
Well I tried twice to email them with no reply and rang their Melbourne office phone number with no answer either - not even a message. Who knows if they are still around. The website is still up, but prices shown are dated at 2008!

That was my experience as well.

It doesn't bode well sadly.

I'll try again next year, hopefully some of the covid dust will have settled by then.


2012-01-21 10:57 pm
It's not currently urgent.

I'm more preparing for future projects.
I've got a pair of Token THF51s waiting on Papa's design.
I'm also having a good look at a LuFo.

My current projects are proceeding at a glacial pace due to a 7 month old girl. So it could be quite some time but I would love to have collected all the bits in advance when I do get around to it.

In terms of heatsink dimensions. I am looking for 0.25C/W at the minimum, preferably bigger if cost doesn't escalate too much.

The DIYA store is quite a competitive option, with the added bonus of supporting the community.

I'm yet to find any appropriate heatsinks on Aliexpress. Their shipping prices on heavy items make them not look so cost competitive anyway.

Fastron are pretty darn expensive.

I haven't gone too far into the Indiamart option thus far as their pricing is not so obvious. At some stage I will submit some inquiries and see what comes back.

I'm also giving serious thought to the Rod Eliot school of making my own. Not a cheap option but it could be compelling in the end due to being able to set the dimensions instead of working around a heatink as it comes.
Yes, fastron are significantly more expensive, although they are roughly the same as conrad plus 12 years of inflation ... the price list at conrad hasnt changed since 2008. like it literally hasn't changed AFAIK. but without conrad as an option (hopefully its temporary and something bleak hasnt happened :( ), if you are only getting a couple, I would expect international shipping to eat up most of the difference and its a solution that is right here, ready. spend an hour or 2 trying to beat the price and youve probably spent the difference in time.

Good luck