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Connex products in Europe


2010-09-21 8:37 am
Hi All,

I just thought i'd let you know what we've teamed up with Cristi and are now selling the Connexelectronic modules to Europe from our small online store in the UK.
I know first-hand how frustrating it can be when you decide to go ahead and build your own amplifier and then have to wait 4-6 weeks for the item to arrive directly from Connex.
I know Cristi has been extremely disheartened by the slow delivery times from China recently and he's been spending a lot of his time chasing packages and parcels which he sent weeks earlier, only to find that they are still stuck in China, and a lot of them damaged in the process.
We aim to ship out the products within 24 hours of ordering so delivery in Europe will now take days rather than weeks. This is also good from Cristi's point of view because he can concentrate on designing new products which is what he does best.
Initially, we are not going to carry the full range of Connex items, but a select range which we think will be most useful for the home builder. As interest grows for certain items, we will then begin carrying them.
Currently, we only have 4-5 products in stock, but are waiting for the next delivery which should arrive in 2-3 weeks. This delivery will have items such as IRS2092 and CxD300 and associated power supplies in it.
Also, we are in the process of writing 'Quick Start' guides for the products we carry which briefly outline the connections you need to make without having to read through excessive technical information, circuit diagrams and specifications. You can also contact us for technical advice if you are stuck.
We will only show items on the shop as 'in stock' that are physically ready to send, so you can be assured that delivery will take place as quickly as possible. I run our small store with my wife Bella and our aim is to provide the best customer service possible, so please feel free to contact us any time with questions about the products.

Best Regards and happy building to all,

Nick Procktor
Proprietor, Enigma Shop

Enigma Component Shop

PS, You can find the Connex modules in our 'Kits & Modules' section.


2013-04-02 2:11 pm
I just thought i'd let you know what we've teamed up with Cristi and are now selling the Connexelectronic modules to Europe from our small online store in the UK.
That's good to hear! A small suggestion though: If you'd add Connexelectronic's type designation to the product name, it would be easier to recognize. And IMVHO you should not conceal the manufacturer, people will google for it… ;)
Due to the recent shipping issues, I encourage all the customers to check the availability of the desired product with the nearest distributor before purchase.
Starting from next week the shipping policy will change radically and will only ship with fast courier, DHL, TNT UPS or Fedex and charged according with their price table. The list of distributors will increase in the following months and will cover all the major countries and continents. Trying to do a favour by charging reasonable prices for something which once was moderate shipping time service brought too much dissatisfaction on both sides. some peoples refuse to understand that I have no control on what a state owned postal service do with the parcels and in this place of the world there is no way to predict, prevent or avoid such things to happen. I hope is the last time when we have to speak about shipping issues.
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