Conn Strobotuner ST-11 - Help!


2020-01-20 11:05 pm
Help Requested: I have an old ST-11 which in storage has lost it's mind.
I can give the symptoms .. and somebody with more ST-11 smarts can possibly know and share the answer.

Symptom: when first turned on, you have to give the disc a little help. After that it seems to come up to speed (maybe). The strobe is flashing intermittently ... but not syncing with audio input.

On the CALIBRATE setting, the bar does not stop. It slowly rotates to the left. Adjusting the GAIN or CENTS knobs does nothing. Also, in NORMAL mode, there is no response to the Audio input (microphone).

I have seen other electronics have problems with old capacitors. If replacement of such is a recommendation, which should I start with? I read one suggestion somewhere about "Motor Capacitors". AND, is there a recommended SOURCE for components?

Finally ... is it OK to spray WD-40 in the disc/motor bearings ?